TDSC_0286he best way to promote the Race for Vocations at your parish is through word of mouth, but these materials are quite helpful in getting the word out.

Sponsorship info! -Become a sponsor of the Race for Vocations!

2020 Flyer #1 & 2020 Flyer #2 – A great flyer to post on walls of classrooms, hallways, offices, gyms, and anywhere and everywhere!

2020 Registration Form – Good for signing people up at a table after mass, you can hand in the forms to us at a later date

Parish/Organization Representative Duties – Thanks be to God, we have many folks who are working as representatives of their parishes, monasteries, schools, etc. We are thankful for all their work. Their duties are listed here. Please prayerfully consider helping us out by being a representative!

Wish to bring the Race for Vocations to your city?  You can!  Contact us and receive a franchise packet to gather people in your area and start promoting and praying for vocations.