Living a Sacred Single Life, 2013

a note from Katie Sahm
April 18, 2013 at 1:43pm

If you’re single, it is easy to find yourself constantly on the hunt for fulfillment.  Whether it is in a job, person, or future vocation, we start to believe that these milestones are an end in and of themselves.  That being married, ordained, or a part of a religious community will suddenly make clear all the questions we’ve been asking and we will know exactly what God wants from us.  With our thoughts far off into some distant unknown future, where we believe God will whisper in our ear exactly what we are to do, who we are to marry, which order to join, which career to take, etc. waiting for an answer can seem like an eternity.  And then we are caught just waiting, constantly pleading, praying, searching…

Snap out of it!  You and I are breathing, living today!  Living as a sacred single is not a waiting period, but an opportunity.  Stop asking God to answer your every question and start just being with him, acknowledging him in every moment and situation of every day.   Find that which gives you true joy, where the desires of your heart and the world’s needs meet!  It’s not about getting to the finish line of marriage, priesthood, or religious life—those just become another starting point anyway.  It’s about being open to the graces and miracles that God is working in you each day.  If you are constantly filled with anxiety and unrest, your focus cannot be on the truth, beauty, and goodness of God.

“Your worries will never love you; they’ll leave you all alone.  But your God, will not forsake.” –Audrey Assad

As humans, we all have a deep desire to love and be loved by our infinite God who is our ultimate end.   Everything revolves around this truth.  So no matter what stage of life we find ourselves in, holiness should be our goal.  What a world it would be if all of us sacred singles out there started living virtuous, holy lives on fire for our Lord,Jesus Christ!   Let us take advantage ofthe sacraments- the visible ways God is embracing us as his beloved Church.  We long for true authentic relationships, so let’s start living a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ now.  This means we need to go to him, spend time, talk as well as listen, and sometimes just to be present, basking in His love and mercy that he so generously pours into our hearts.

Things to think and pray about as you train…

–         What am I waiting for?  What do I need to let go of in order to be more fully alive?

–         Who do I know that is burdened with anxiety of the future?  How can I encourage them with God’s promises of peace and fulfillment?

Katie Sahm
Coordinatorof Young Adult and College Campus Ministry