Training Tips and Encouragement, 2013

a note from Fr. Janko
April 8, 2013 at 12:44pm

Dear Race for VocationsParticipants,

TheRace for Vocations 2013 is in about 26 days, 20 hours, 29 minutes, 7 seconds!This is the 6th Yearfor the Race for Vocations and we hope it many people will sign up and be partof the team. Hopefully, we will all be sharing with more family members andfriends to offer more prayers for vocations as we set out to complete ourraces, whether in the Mini Marathon or 5K.

As wecontinue to pray in these final days for vocations and for people to be open tothe vocation God is calling them to, let us remember all the training and mileswe have already completed. We are less than four weeks away from the big race.Remember also the difficult early mornings getting up to get your training runsand walks in prior to getting to work or school. Reflect upon the aches orpains you may have had over the last several months. Maybe it is time to getsome Flexall 454 or some other pain relief cream to help you with your soremuscles and joints. Aside from the pain we may have experienced, let usremember Saint Paul in his second letter to Timothy: “I have competed well;I have finished the race: I have kept the faith.” Our race will be herebefore we know it. At this point, perseverance is going to be very important!

By now,your training routines are in full swing and pretty soon there will be the needto taper back on the miles so your bodies are rested and ready to go on themorning of May 4th. It will be exciting to be part of the 37thrunning of the 500 Festival Event to kick off the Indianapolis 500 Race Season.The Race for Vocations has already proven itself in encouraging hundreds ofmen, women and children to think more about vocations to the sacred singlelife, sacred married life, priesthood, and the religious life. It is awesome tonote that tens of thousands of participants in the 500 Festival MiniMarathon/5K event have seen our blue Race for Vocations shirts. The word isgetting out there that there are people involved in this event (you and I) thatare focused on something else all together – namely Vocations and growingcloser to God. When you are in your races, remember your teammates who are alsostriving towards the same goal. A few verses from Sacred Scripture willhopefully encourage in your races: “So humble yourselves under the mighty handof God, that he may exalt you in due time. Cast all your worries upon himbecause he cares for you” (1 Peter 5: 6-7).

Now, Iwill offer a few training tips as we approach the May 4th Race forVocations. Remain consistent with your training plan. Do not stray from themiles you have been logging. Your plan will soon have you starting to back downon the miles. You will most likely have 3-4 longer runs left. Please don’tforget to take a day off if that is part of your plan. Also, remember tostretch before and after each run, but the most important stretching sessionwill be after your runs. It can also be helpful to walk for 5-10 minutes aftereach workout at a relaxed pace in order to give your muscles time to recover.

I also would encourage you all to continue to eat healthy balanced meals, drink lotsof water all through EVERY day and get plenty of sleep each night (minimum of 7hours … 8 hours would be even better). I try to carry a water bottle aroundwith me so that I am always reminded of the importance of hydration. I alsorecommend some of the running/walking products such as GU Roctane, Gatorade GSeries Pro, GU Chomps (my favorite), Jelly Belly Sports Beans, and Powerbar GelBlasts to name a few. These products are available at some groceries, butdefinitely at running stores like the Athletic Annex (, the Runners Forum ( and the BlueMile ( Most of these products aresmall enough that you can actually have them with you during your race and youcan have a couple of them near a water station. They are normally meant to beeaten with water. If you only want to bring a small amount of one of theproducts, a small zip lock back would be useful. Some running shorts have asmall pocket where this type of thing can be put during your race. Try some ofthese products out prior to the big race day so that you will be used to eatingthem and drinking water with them as well.

Last butnot least, if you are planning on having new shoes prior to May 4th,please remember to wear your new shoes 3-5 times prior to the race. Blistersare common with people wearing a brand new pair of running shoes. You DO NOTwant to be wearing a brand new pair of shoes on May 4th, but rathermake sure you have worn them in order to break them in. Vaseline or some otherskin protectant is a very good thing to apply to your toes prior to the racebecause the more one runs, the more friction can build up, which can causeblisters. Perhaps you need some new shoes right now? It would be a great timeto get those and have broken them in prior to the 500 Festival Mini Marathonand 5K races.

Well,please be assured of my prayers for you all as you approach the 2013 Race forVocations. I firmly believe that God will bless all our efforts, help us tofinish our races and inspire many people, including us, to consider and prayabout what vocation God has in mind.

God bless you and keep you,

Fr. Joshua Janko

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church & GuerinCatholic High School

“I have competed well; I have finished the race;I have kept the faith.” II Timothy 4:7

Action Items:

Please continue to ask others topledge prayers and donations for your run/walk.  These prayer pledges may beposted online at our blog:

Please sign up to be on the teamif you have not done so yet.  Youcan sign up by visiting the following website:

Pleasegive Elizabeth Escoffery, Associate Director of Vocations, a call if you haveany other questions.  Hernumber is 317-236-1490 or email her

Race for Vocation Shirt PickUp. 

+Friday, May 3 at St. John’s – Participantsmay pick up shirts during the pasta dinner after the Race for Vocations Mass onFriday, May 3rd.